Our colonial furniture is handmade and manufactured from high quality old Burma teak. This is a strong and solid kind of wood that, unlike young teak, has a high density, and therefore quite resistant to changes in heat and humidity. You are not only having a beautiful showpiece in your home, but you also help nature. The old teak that is used to make our furniture, is in fact recovered from wooden parts of dilapidated houses and old furniture. Therefore we can offer you new furniture from old teak and restored old furniture.

Because of qualitative consideration we only sell furniture from the following kinds of wood:

Birma Teak houtsoort koloniale meubelenBurma Teak
: a qualitative and solid wood from Myanmar. It is a very solid and old kind of teak and does not suffer from shrinkage cracks.

Mango: a tropical hardwood with a fine grain. Furniture made from this wood has a warm and solid appearance, that is because of the grain pattern and changing colors.



The furniture is made by hand with great care. No modern machines or instruments are used during the manufacture. Therefore every piece of furniture is truly unique and has its own character. This is real craftsmanship and a guarantee of unbeatable quality.

The artisans who produce the furniture with great devotion for us, receive a fair salary for their work and are not exploited. Basic human rights are very important to us. We guarantee our customers that we do not tolerate people who do not respect those principles.